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Moving to Lake Oswego Guide

Are you considering moving to Lake Oswego? Lake Oswego is a beautiful suburban area located South of Portland Oregon. It is known for a high quality lifestyle, and many amenities.

Lake Oswego offers beautiful homes in all different styles, including single family homes, condos, townhomes, and of course apartments and rentals. You can find plenty of residential areas surrounding Oswego Lake at the core of the city. On the Eastern edge is the Willamette River, so water lovers and those who enjoy scenic beauty will be right at home.

Lake Oswego offers a reasonably short commute into Downtown Portland (about 20-30 minutes), and is known to have an excellent school system, which adds to the popularity of this area for suburban families. Lake Oswego also has plenty of parks, golf courses, restaurants, a community center, theater, and strong focus on the arts and community events.

Compared to other areas in metro Portland, Lake Oswego has higher home prices due to the appeal of living in this area. Lake Oswego remains a good place to invest in real estate, as property values have sustained higher prices in comparison to many other areas of the country. This is not to say Lake Oswego is recession proof, but it has not seen as much of a drop in values as some other areas of the country. If you are planning on moving to Lake Oswego, consult with a realtor who can assist in guiding you towards the best Lake Oswego home or property to best meet the needs of your family.

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Moving to Lake Oswego - Resources

If you are considering moving to Lake Oswego or buying a Lake Oswego home for sale, you should view our Lake Oswego Neighborhood pages to research each neighborhood. You will be able to hone in on the neighborhoods in Lake Oswego that have the ameneties you are looking for, whether it is excellent schools, a property bordering Lake Oswego lake, a neighborhood gym or community center, a location that is more quiet or urban, etc.

Also visit the Lake Oswego schools, parks, and amenities pages to get a sense of which area you might find most appealing.

Next, visit the Lake Oswego Real Estate page to find out more about the types of homes for sale in Lake Oswego and how you can find a realtor to assist in finding your next home. If you prefer finding a rental or apartment in Lake Oswego, visit our page. There you will find listings, maps, and links to help you find a rental.

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Lake Oswego Real Estate

If you're moving to Lake Oswego or relocating within Lake Oswego, here are some links to help you get your mail, driver's license, and utilities all squared away for a smooth move to your new home.

Lake Oswego Rentals on Craigslist - If you prefer renting a house in Lake Oswego, then be sure to visit craigslist. is a great way to search for Lake Oswego rentals: it plots them on a map and you can enter your craigslist search criteria: price range,  Lake Oswego pet friendly rentals, etc.

Change of Address

Change your Address with the US Postal Service  - Fill out the form on-line.

Change Driver's License

Change your Driver's License Address with the DMV - complete their on-line form, or print and mail it in.

Utilities - Site allows you to put in all your information and assist you in moving Lake Oswego utilities like phone, water, gas service and more.  Also offers competitive packages on cable/DSL/dish TV and other services.

Good luck on your move or relocation to Lake Oswego, and welcome to the neighborhood!

Moving to Lake Oswego - Census Stats

If you are considering a move to Lake Oswego, you might be interested in local demographics. Here are some facts from the Lake Oswego Census Data, compiled as part of the 2000 or 2010 census. Based on that data, the total population of Lake Oswego is 35,278, with 48.1% male and 51.9% female residents. The median age is 41.2 years old. 99.8% of residents have graduated high school, and 66.8% have a Bachelor's degree or higher. The median household income in 2009 (inflation-adjusted dollars) was $80,549. Mean travel time to work estimate was 21.6 minutes. View the full list of Census Stats on the Lake Oswego Real Estate page.

Data Source: U.S. Census from

Lake Oswego Home

Moving to Lake Oswego or to Portland?  Want to make new friends or ask questions about your neighborhood?

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Helpful Links

Lake Oswego Library

City of Lake Oswego Website

Lake Oswego Emergency - Police - Fire - Maintenance

Lake Oswego Public Affairs - Citizen's Information Center

Lake Oswego Government

Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce

Neighborhood Associations Map

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